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Manhattan – The name comes from America, the home of popcorn, but Manhattan is a 100% wholly owned Irish company employing over 50 people at its Finglas factory in Dublin. The company manufactures and distributes a range of exciting snack foods, of which popcorn is the fastest growing.

The company started in 1957 from humble beginnings with our Managing Director, Donal O’Neill, pioneering the American method of popping corn here in Ireland. Before long, Irish people recognised the unique taste of Manhattan popcorn, and as demand grew, a new bigger premises was required.

Manhattan came to Finglas in 1977 growing steadily to the size it is today. A walk in the vicinity of the Finglas based factory is an experience, which many people remark upon as their senses are assaulted by the wonderful aroma of freshly popped corn.

Despite its very contemporary look and packaging, Manhattan popcorn is as authentic as the original popcorn the Native Indians made many centuries ago. Popcorn is one of the healthiest snack foods you can have. Indeed in the 1600′s the colonial housewives put popcorn to practical mealtime uses and served it with cream and sugar. This was the first “puffed” breakfast cereal.

Manhattan have always had a policy of offering best quality at affordable prices, so our popcorn comes in a range of 15g, 30g and 100g packs as well as 30g Cheese flavoured packets.

Other products in the Manhattan snack range include Salted Peanuts, Dry Roasted Peanuts, Pistachio Nuts, Cashew Nuts, Chilli Nuts and Manhattan Crisps.


1492 › PRESENT

The Discovery of Popcorn

Christopher Columbus discovers America and discovers that all the Indian tribes in America were familiar with popcorn.


The Religion of Popcorn

While exploring Mexico , Cortez saw the importance of popcorn to Aztec civilisation. These highly religious people placed popcorn on ceremonial headdresses and necklaces to ornament the statues of their Gods.


Popcorn "Snacks"

Frenchmen exploring the Great Lakes region enjoyed popcorn with the Indians. 1620 Popcorn was enjoyed at the first Thanksgiving feast in Plymouth , Massachusetts , USA in 1620. Popcorn was also introduced to the Colonists when Indians brought popcorn “snacks” to peace negotiations as a token of goodwill.


Cooking Popcorn

Indians used clay and metal cooking pots to pop popcorn. One such utensil is still in common use in some areas of south and Central America and in Mexico. It is a spherical clay pot that stands on tripod legs over a fire.


Early Settlers

Early settlers packed foods that were nutritional and long lasting. Popcorn was one of these.



Technology opened the West for settlement. America quickly grew and so did the demand for popcorn.


Commercial Production

Commercially produced popcorn becomes popular in the USA .


The Birth of Manhattan Popcorn

Manhattan Peanuts was set up by Donal O’ Neill. The company grows and is selling its range of popcorn and other products around the world.


Popping Success

Manhattan Popcorn continues to be a very popular snack.