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Manhattan Crisps


Ireland’s favourite flavour and the finest and freshest whole potatoes all wrapped up for the perfect crunch.


  • *New* Manhattan 6 Pack Cheese and Onion  – 6 x 25g
  • Manhattan Cheese and Onion case – 48 x 35g
  • Manhattan Salt and Vinegar case – 48 x 35g
  • Manhattan Smoky Bacon case – 32 x 35g
  • Manhattan Cheese and Onion Share Bags – 12 x 150g
  • Manhattan Salt and Vinegar Share Bags – 12 x 150g


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Manhattan Crisps – Ireland’s favourite flavour and the finest and freshest whole potatoes all wrapped up for the perfect crunch.  

Manhattan Cheese and Onion Crisps – simple and true with no complicated recipes or added ingredients … just Cheese and Onion rich in flavor and intensity.  Ideal for a snack on-the-go and becoming the nation’s favourite accompaniment to a sandwich. We keep it simple, why meddle with perfection! Suitable for Vegetarians.

Manhattan Salt and Vinegar Crisps – Slightly sweet spuds laced with a fair shake of vinegar, packing a good punch.  A balanced, old-school salt and vinegar crisp. The deliciously crunchy Salt & Vinegar flavoured crisps are rich in flavour and intensity, but with a with a bit more natural sweetness…  an addictive balance. This crisp is a definite favourite of Salt and Vinegar fans. Suitable for Vegetarians.

Manhattan Smoky Bacon Crisps – The distinct waft lingers in the air, the smoky bacon flavour is here! Fresh taste guaranteed with every bite. A rich crunchy potato crisp with the irresistible flavour of the Manhattan Smoky Bacon. Suitable for Vegetarians AND Vegans!


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